Monday, October 19, 2009

Learning in Life

Life is challenge.. You will be tested with tons and tons of critical issues..
Life is waste …If you run away to face problems..

Life is a dream.. When you think everything going fine..
Life is real..when you feel everything goes wrong…

Life is interesting ..when you are happy…
Life is annoying ..When you are very sad..

Life is livable..When you are loved..
Life is dieable ..When you are disliked..

Life is a poem..When you are self motivated..
Life is a drama..When you are cheated..

Life is fully your 20’s
Life is empty..when you are in 60’s

Life is biography ..When you think back…
Life is history.. At the end..

Life is unpredictable…You will never ever predict what will going to happen the next second…
Life is an impossible puzzle.. you always try to solve it..but never…

-A try by Ganesh :)

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